Triple Crown This Year?

I think it is so exciting that California Chrome has a shot at the Triple Crown this year.
The story of his owners and trainer, just adds to the magic should he win it. The horse world is a place for dreams to come true, or be broken a million different ways. The planning and completing of horse dreams is the stuff that gets us horse people up in the morning. The winners in the lime light are role models for all of us, yet those who are not in the lime light work as hard or harder for what they dream. People call it luck, yet it is the determination and dedication of all the minute details that leads to a champion. Set backs come and are overcome, optimism must remain during the down times, and the daily checklist of things to be done for this end, is never-ending.
So what is it that makes a person put his blood sweat and tears into a horse? Why is it for some people as important as breathing? Love, challenge, the competition? I think for those in the horse world for “life” it is the love of the animal and the bond that is shared from man to horse. Any discipline, sport, or activity with a horse gives the person emotional support that is special and not understood by non-horse people. It is something I am glad to have been born with, and will love them til I am done here. Go California Chrome!!

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